Have you invested in
Research & Development?

You may be eligible to receive up to 33% of what you invested as tax relief.

The SimpleRD approach will give you the best chance of a successful R&D tax credit claim. Our UK team of experts will work with you to:

  1. Identify any qualifying R&D activity – the technical bit.
  2. Calculate the qualifying R&D expenditure – the financial bit.
  3. Prepare and submit the claim application, in HMRC friendly terms to avoid any hurdles.

Get started

We help make your R&D tax claim quick, easy, and completely risk-free.

Perfect record

The Simple RD team have an outstanding track record, with 100% success rate of claims submitted.

The reasons are simple.

  • We’re tax professionals, so this is our world. We know what to look for to assess whether your business qualifies for R&D tax credits.
  • We’re tech geeks, so we talk the same language as your technical team, which shortens the time it takes to get the data and evidence we need to support the claim.
  • We understand how HMRC assess the claims, and we know what makes them tick, so our claims are more or less fast tracked, with the lowest enquiry rates on the market.

Shorten your path to success

We’ll help you achieve those goals you’ve set for your business faster.

The money you receive through R&D Tax Credits can be re-invested into your business in any way you deem appropriate. Invested in the right way, this can accelerate your growth and propel your business forward.

No claim is too complex

Our team work with businesses from all sectors.

Each claim is given the same level of scrutiny, to ensure we understand everything we need to achieve a successful claim. With an eye for detail and a geeky love for tech, we can work with even the most technically challenging and complex businesses to uncover projects that qualify for R&D tax relief.

Completely risk free

It’s risk free. Our fees are only payable on the receipt of a successful claim.

The alternative is you could do it yourself, but if HMRC aren’t convinced by your claim or have doubts then they may start an enquiry, which could drag out the process indefinitely. That’s a risk our clients aren’t happy to take.

Give your business a boost.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you access the money you may be entitled to.

We work on a contingent basis, meaning that we would not take on claims unless we can deliver meaningful financial benefit to your company. Our discovery calls take less the 30 minutes and allow us both to assess the opportunity in working together.

All you have to do is fill in out a simple form, and one of our team will be in touch at a time that’s convenient for you.

See how we work

Partner with us.

We are the trusted R&D tax partner to a range of businesses who can now add greater value to their network.

Partnering with SimpleRD has enabled incubators and accelerators to provide our expertise and services direct to their cohorts, VCs and angel investors to help portfolio companies extend their runway whilst avoiding dilution, and traditional accounting practices to extend their service offerings to win and retain clients. All completely risk free.

Partner benefits