Keeping R&D simple
delivers big benefits

Our number one priority is you, your business and helping you to make the most of your R&D tax credits.

About us

When it comes to cloud R&D tax claims, SimpleRD operates in a league of its own.

When you partner with us, we work together to ensure that you are able to claim the full amount of R&D tax credit based on your spend.

This gives you all the space and time you need to focus on your core business. After all, that’s what you do best - we’re always available when you need us.

  • We are R&D Tax Claim specialists with many happy clients as reference
  • We understand the tech space intimately, and are in a better position to identify R&D Tax claim opportunities for even the most technically challenging and complex businesses
  • We know how to navigate through this complicated and specialised area of tax law to make it work for you
  • We know exactly what HMRC are looking for when reviewing R&D tax credit claims, helping you avoid the pain of an enquiry