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Helping startup founders grow faster, increase the value of their business, and claim R&D tax credits.

We’re delighted to work with SeedReady to help entrepreneurs by providing fast payments and low fees for R&D tax credit claims.

We provide access to the tools and support that founders need to complete their R&D tax claim.

Simple benefits.

Incredible service

Our partners choose SimpleRD because of the incredible service we offer. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the challenges that founders face on a daily basis.

100% Success

While we can’t make any guarantees about the success of future claims, we have a perfect track record with 100% success rate for claims submitted – and more importantly, no HMRC enquiries.

Faster growth

R&D tax credits are an incredible incentive, offering startups a generous tax deduction if profit making – or a cash payment from HMRC if loss-making!

Simple process.

Identify qualifying R&D spend

A SimpleRD tax expert will work through a fact-finding meeting with you to get an understanding your business which will ensure that all eligible R&D activities are identified.

Prepare financials and R&D report

SimpleRD’s tax experts will make an assessment of your current financial situation so that they best advise on the appropriate approach to maximising the benefits offered by the R&D tax credit system.

HMRC submission and claim

SimpleRD manage the entire submission process for you, which involves form-filling and paperwork. They will monitor the progress of your claim and deal with HMRC on your behalf to prevent any unnecessary delays.

You could recover up to 33p for every pound spent on R&D

As of 2020, over £33bn in tax relief has been claimed.

By moving your year end forward, you could recover up to 33% of your R&D spend earlier than you might expect.